General Terms and Conditions (Google traduction, this translation is just for customer information, and the General Term and Condition in French is the only one that can be used)

1 - Application
These Conditions of Sale are subject to each purchaser to enable him to order.
Consequently, the placing of an order implies full and unreserved acceptance of the Terms of Purchaser ennoncées below.
No special conditions, unless express written consent of Seller shall not prevail against the GCS.
Any contrary condition by the purchaser will, in the absence of express acceptance unenforceable to the Seller, whatever the amount that it could be brought to its attention.
The fact that the Seller does not prevail at a given time one or any of these Terms shall be construed as a waiver of any subsequent or any of these terms.

2 - Order
Any order to be valid, must be made on the orders of Drip'nVap or directly on the website Drip'nVap com..
All orders are considered firm and final upon acceptance of the Terms.
Drip'nVap not sell to those minors in their countries, so by accepting these Terms you certify on honor that I have more than 18 years.

3 - Change of Control
Any changes requested by the Purchaser shall not be considered unless it is received in writing before shipping the goods.
Any changes to an order automatically entail the cancellation of previously agreed by the Seller in respect of price, delivery time, payment terms, delivery terms and conditions.
They may possibly result from the Seller the full cancellation of the order, without any compensation it can not be claimed.
If canceled after shipment of the goods, the shipping is the responsibility of the Purchaser, it shall bear the shipping and the return postage costs.
These fees will be refunded by the seller.

4 - Delivery
In case of changes in commodity favorable to the Purchaser (quality, quantity) Seller reserves the right to make any changes at any time it deems necessary to it and without obligation to modify
the goods previously delivered or on order.

4.1 - Time
Deliveries are carried out according to availability and in the order of arrival of orders.
The Seller is authorized to make deliveries of partial or complete.
The delivery advertised on the website are for illustrative purposes only.
In the case of out of stock or replenishment difficult, it is possible that the delivery times advertised on the site are outdated.
Beyond forty-five days of the buyer will be able to request the cancellation of the order and the full repayment of sums already paid.
The delivery is considered as the time between the dispatch of the order to receiving it.


5 - Receipt of Order
Without prejudice to the arrangements with respect to the carrier or to the Seller if the delivery is made by him, claims on defects or non-compliance of the delivered compared to controlled or packing slip shipping, must be made in writing within 8 days after delivery of the goods.
It is up to the buyer to provide any justification as to the reality of defects or anomalies.
The buyer must leave the Seller every opportunity to make the observation of these defects and remedy.
The purchaser will not use the goods, the time required to remedy the seller defect.
If an abnormality is found, the goods will be replaced, the cost of delivery of the goods being exchanged then the Seller.


6 - Returns
6.1 - Procedures
The buyer has a right of withdrawal from 7 days from the date of actual delivery, after which time all returns must be a formal agreement between the Seller and the Buyer.
Any merchandise returned without this agreement will be held at the disposal of the buyer and does not lead to the establishment of a credit or any refund.
In all cases, shipping, return and risk that are always the responsibility of the buyer unless a formal agreement with the Seller.

6.2 - Consequences
If the buyer decides to exercise his right of withdrawal, the seller agrees to reimburse the sums paid on the purchase of the equipment ordered within thirty days of receiving it in its premises.
The refund will be made by check, bank transfer or possibly by PayPal.
After the seven days any returns accepted by the seller will issue a credit in favor of the purchaser after qualitative and quantitative verification of the returned merchandise.
In case of defect or non-conformity of the goods delivered, duly noted by the seller in accordance with Article 5, the purchaser may obtain a free replacement or
reimbursement of the goods.

7 - Warranty
7.1 - Warranty Scope
The goods receives the legal guarantee, as defined in Articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code.
The materials have a 6 months warranty (unless otherwise notified on the product page) parts from their date of purchase, excluding consumables.
The presentation of the Warranty Certificate (or purchase invoice paid) will be required when the guarantee is invoked.
In the absence of the certificate of guarantee or purchasing paid invoice, the Manufacturer shall not apply.
In case of non-conformity of the product, the commitment of the seller is limited to the free replacement of the product or exchange of the defective equipment by its services.
To benefit from this warranty, the product must first be submitted to the After Sales Service Seller, whose agreement is required for any replacement.
If they have not previously been subjected to after-sales service of the Seller, any replacement made by the purchaser will not be covered by warranty.
The foregoing shall not exclude the application of the legal guarantee against hidden articles 1641 and following of the Civil Code vices, in accordance with Article R. 211-4 of the Consumer Code.
For obvious reasons of hygiene, Drip-tips are not included unless default consaté and reassembled the Seller.

7.2 - Exclusion of Warranty
Defects and damage caused by non-observance of safety precautions relating to storage are excluded from the guarantee.
Defects or damage caused by misuse, improper maintenance, abnormal use, lack of supervision, poor electrical protection devices, or adverse circumstances for the proper functioning of the equipment, or by modification of the product not provided or specified by Seller, are excluded from the guarantee.
Similarly, the warranty will not apply for apparent defects which the Purchaser shall be entitled under the terms of Article 5.
The guarantee does not immediately and completely if the goods are used in abnormal conditions.
In case of lack of maintenance, the warranty will be totally or partially lost.
The warranty is only with the purchaser designated by the name on the bill and not to the parties to whom the goods could have been offered or renvendue.

6 - Price
Prices are those of the tariff in force on the day of the order.

7 - Payment and Late Payment
Any partial payment shall be received as a deposit.
The merchandise is payable to the order, unless otherwise stipulated.
No deliveries will be made before receipt of amounts due.
When payment is to be in the event of termination for failure to make a payment to an end, the amounts previously paid by the purchaser shall be retained by the seller.
Similarly, the defaulting purchaser shall be liable for liquidated damages equal to the amount of remaining maturity.
The purchaser must pay all costs incurred by the legal recovery of sums due.
If agreed in the order, regardless of the shape of the selected until full settlement credit deferred payment, the goods must be in good condition, and can neither be sold nor given and must be stored in conditions Recommended storage.

8 - Retention of Title
The transfer of ownership of the goods sold is subject to payment of the price due by the purchaser.
Payment is made to the actual receipt of the price, discount deals, or other instrument creating an obligation to pay does not constitute a payment.

9 - Clause Disclaimer
All products sold by Drip'nVap are intended for the production of steam inhalation.
The liquid used to produce the evaporation is based on propylene glycol.
No scientific study that was done on the side effects may be related to the absorption of the substance, the customer acknowledges use on its full responsibility, the company Drip'nVap will not be liable for for any health problem or health of one of its customers.

10 - Assignment of Exclusive Jurisdiction
Any dispute relating to the interpretation, performance or breach of contract shall be submitted in case of dispute for any reason whatsoever, the Courts headquartered seller depends.

11 - Data Protection
In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to computers, files and freedoms, the purchaser has a right to access and correct personal information about him. This right is exercised by writing to the seller at the addresses shown in the "Contact" section and the Legal Notice of the website Drip'nVap. Com request.

11 - Data Protection and Respect of privacy
The information you provide is critical for the processing and delivery of orders, preparing invoices and warranty contracts, their absence leads to the cancellation of your order.
By registering on the Site, you agree to provide us with sincere and true information about yourself. Communicating false information is contrary to these terms and the conditions of use on the Site.
You have a permanent right to access and rectify all your data in accordance with Article 10 of these General Terms and Conditions.
You can at any time request, modify this data.
If you accepted during registration, promotional emails (emails) offering new products, offers clearance, exclusivities, good deals ... will be sent.
You can ask to stop receiving emails from us at any time.
Drip'nVap is the sole owner of information about you.
We inform you also that cookies record certain information stored in the memory of your hard drive. An alert message asks you in advance if you wish to accept cookies, you can of course refuse.
These cookies do not contain confidential information about you.
No financial data (credit card numbers) are kept by Drip'nVap.