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The VR-Tank is an addon for the Venom-R Atty.
Simply remove the Venom-R topcap, and plug the tank, open the filling topcap, fill, and vape !

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19,67 € TTC


49,17 € TTC

En savoir plus

-316L and Quadrant parts
-510 Driptip
-Venom-R compatible
-Easy filling system (you can adjust the position of the filling holes)
-Fluid control (Turn the quadrant tank to close or open the fluid feeding on the coil when you refill)
-Allow the airflow plugs from the Venom-R but no adjust from the tank cap.
Will be available as an Add-on, but also sold with Venom-R atty (limited quantities)
Satin and black cerakote to come 

Deck have no dripper topcap, only plugs, deck and spare parts.